BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game: a small look at the rules

BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game: a small look at the rules

BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game (or just BRUSHOBi for short) is the worlds first painting card game ever. And yes it tries to give you a smile attempting to make you happy.

Soon BRUSHOBi will be available as a pre-order in the United States of America. Then, later it will slowly rollout in other areas online and off. 

BRUSHOBi is a Painting Card Game where the players are called versists who paint or collect their cards from their peers to play a game with it later. The rules these versists play with usually come with the cards and explain how to play with the paintings and Brushobi effects (explained later) painted on the cards. A Brushobi effect is kind of like extra rules you write on the cards that you can game with later on in the game. All Brushobi effects written on the cards are allowed with a few effects not allowed (like no shuffling or all-powerful effects.) Bonus! Also if anyone cheats and doesn’t follow the rules, you can always do a “Penalty Rule” to give yourself an edge and punish cheaters. What you’ll love about Penalty Rules is that you can make it up on the spot when anyone cheats.

All in all, this painting card game is kind of like a trading card game with the difference being you can create/paint your own cards and effects and play with the rules the game comes with. There is also no violence, magic or pornography that comes with the game. You can even earn money in this painting card game without gambling by selling your painted cards for money. You don’t even need to shuffle your decks, because decks in BRUSHOBi aren’t shuffled but “assembled”. To assemble a deck means to put the cards in the order you want to draw them out your deck. 

In conclusion, BRUSHOBi is a new experience in card games that is fun to play, fun to paint and fun to earn money with without gambling. Adult Jehovah’s Witnesses and other interested ones will love the sophistication without the negatives like violence that comes with other games. For example, here’s a small look of the official rules of the game: 

“Bonus Rule 5. Banned effects

All kinds of Brushobi effects are allowed, as long as they are written on the cards - with the exception of effects based on chance (like shuffling, randomizing, etc)  and Brushobi effects that are all-powerful (like anything not counterable, automatically winning the game, etc).Penalty Rules work like Brushobi effects exactly above but don’t need to be written down, they can be made up on the spot. It is cheating if a player does not participate in a Brushobi effect or Penalty Rule that affects them. Brushobi effects and Penalty Rules can counter other Penalty Rules. A player who cheats during one turn, can’t do a Penalty Rule or a Brushobi effect during that same turn they cheated, if a Penalty Rule is triggered.”

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