Game Story

Enjoy a little humor in the official game story of “BRUSHOBi System of Arts Game”. Created by Rashaun Smith.



“Yes! Weve done it! Weve done it! Weve created the world’s best deck in BRUSHOBi System of Arts Game!” Says Rashaun Smith.


With my help weve really done it, Rashaun. After all this proves true that ‘BRUSHOBi System Loves The Bible.’ Which means it includes helping people, like we helped each other make this deck.” Rashaun’s friend, Mike Mitchell, says.


Well, come with me, Mike. Tonight, we take to the streets! We will verse off against players in BRUSHOBi System of Arts Game. Who are sometimes called Arts Game versists or just versists. Only the most worthy versists will have permission to face us, Mike!” says Rashaun.


The Phone rings: Mr. Smith you have a call on line three.” says Rashauns company assistant.


-Ok maybe tomorrow well take to the streets Mike….. So, hes finally done it huh? Rashaun Smith, creator and CEO of BRUSHOBi System, has finally created the world’s best deck in BRUSHOBi System of Arts Game.”


“ ….uhmm… Rashaun, why are you talking to yourself?” Mike Mitchell says curiously.


Looking surprised and embarrassed, Uhhh…” Rashaun runs away. Ahhhh!”


The next day.


Hey Rashaun! Sarah says she wants to see you… she said something about a verse off.” says his assistant.


With me? Oh Im afraid my skills might be too much for her. After all I am the creator and CEO of…”


“…BRUSHOBi System. We know.” interrupts Sarah as she bursts in, Thats why youll be the perfect opponent!” 


Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. You cant verse me.”


Why? Are you chicken?” Sarah says.


What? Chicken?”


Are you afraid to be beat by a girl!”


Enraged Rashaun replies, Ill show you! Suit up Sarah, put your VersistSleeve on and set your VersistCubes!” 


A VersistSleeve is a blazer-jacket-like clothing lined with technology versists use to hold their deck, Winnings Pile and other cards while versing off, but can also be worn daily. A VersistCube is a small box-like piece of technology versists use to keep track of who’s winning and project a crude type of hologram usually of cards they painted. VersistCubes usually come in pairs like shoes. They are usually paired with VersistSleeves when versing off with other versists. While versing off, VersistsCubes make it clearer to see each other’s cards and who’s winning.


Rashaun stirred up says, “Ill take you on in a BRUSHOBi System of Arts Game verse off! Lets begin!”



What, I lost! Lets try again!”


Wait, I wasnt ready. Lets do it again”


This time, Ill be serious.”


Rashaun is steaming mad. 


Sarah giggles, I guess Im better than I thought. It was nice versing off with you Rashaun…”


Wait! (Ive got the world’s best deck, how can I lose? Its just a matter of time until..) I will win this time, Sarah! Lets go again.”


Again? Well…”


Rashaun is determined saying, Again.”


Sarah agrees, Lets begin.”


You know the rules: first one to have no cards in his deck and 4 or less cards in his hand at the end of his turn wins the game, or at the end of his turn have a score of 4 or less EffectReserve marks, unless a card effect has another win condition.” says Rashaun.


Both players start with a 30 card deck in their VersistSleeve and 30 EffectReserve marks on their VersistCubes. Both players draw 5 cards into their hands.


I decide who goes first since I won the last few matches. So, Ill go. I call the fastest Effect Force of 5 cards that must be summoned. I place all 5 cards in my hand facedown in my BRUSHOBi zone.” says Sarah.


I also place all five cards in my hand facedown in the BRUSHOBi zone which is a part of the playing area.”


After each player put their cards facedown, they flip them face-up.


I flip all five cards in my BRUSHOBi zone face-up! And I trigger the BRUSHOBi effect of my 9 Effect Force Card: Cat Landia”.” Sarah says confidently.


Im not afraid of cats! What can they do to me?”


My cats are like family to me, I love them and paint them on my cards… something you know nothing about. Now my  9 Effect Force Card: Cat Landia’ allows me to count all my cards as always having zero effect force as long as this card remains in the BRUSHOBi zone. This card stays in the BRUSHOBi zone forever unless a BRUSHOBi effect stops it.”


Oh please, I have something better than 





What? No! I flip all my cards in the BRUSHOBi zone face-up and -oh wait all my cards are strength based.”


Sarah joyously replies, I add up all 5 of my cards effect force and thanks to my Cat Landia” my cards will always equal zero total effect force. Since I called the fastest cards for this round and the lower the effect force on the card the faster it is, I win the round.”


Sarah’s score drops to 25 EffectReserve marks.


So I lose the round, Sarah. So what? At least its my turn to go next. I call the strongest Effect Force of 5 cards.”


Both players place 5 cards facedown in the BRUSHOBi zone.


Rashaun self-assured says, Ill show you the true power of my deck, Sarah! I flip my 9 Effect Force Card: Rock Gottem’ face-up and trigger its BRUSHOBi effect. Triggering my cards BRUSHOBi effect allows me to switch my Winnings Pile with my deck. As you know already Sarah, I have zero cards in my Winnings Pile. That means after switching my Winnings Pile with my deck, I now have zero cards in my deck. Which means Im closer to winning! Take that!”


Rashaun’s  score lowers to 5 EffectReserve marks. One more move like that and he wins the game.


Sarah looking unimpressed says, Thats nice and all but rocks are your family? You’re supposed to paint family or friends on your cards, but why did you paint rocks? And youve done that move the first four times we versed off…”


Oh.” He says annoyed and partly ignoring her question.


“…..and I always win. I trigger the BRUSHOBi effect of my 8 Effect Force Card: Time Machine Cat”. This cards BRUSHOBi effect forces one of my opponents to undo one of their BRUSHOBi effects. So I choose to undo the BRUSHOBi effect of your 9 Effect Force Card: Rock Gottem”. Now you have zero cards in your Winnings Pile and the majority of your cards in your deck of ‘rocks’”. Sarah says.


Rashaun’s score now rises to 30 EffectReserve marks. 


Well, I still have the strongest cards this turn that was called. That means I win in that way. And I’ve ignored your question long enough- Rocks remind me of strength, something I want all my friends and family to have, unlike your cats.” Rashaun says. His score is now at 25 EffectReserve marks.


A family with the strength of rocks, huh? Whatever you say Rashaun! My turn! I play my 8 Effect Force Card: Dumpster Cat” and trigger its BRUSHOBi effect. This cards BRUSHOBi effect allows me to place all my deck into my Winnings Pile. This means all I need now is to get rid of one card in my hand to win the game.” Her score plummets to a surprising 5 EffectReserve marks.


No! That means….”


“…Yes, All I need to do is win one more round… And its still my turn, Rashaun. Your strength is calling strong cards but my strength is dominating with fast cards.


No! No! I cant lose again!”


Sarah grins, I call the fastest Effect Force of 5 cards.”


I have no fast cards!” Rashaun replies.


I do! And since I have no cards in my deck and just put five cards in my Winnings Pile leaving me with no cards in my hand, I win the game.” Sarah’s final score drops to zero EffectReserve marks. A powerful win.


“Aghhhh… so much for me having the world’s best deck. That’s a helping laugh- but, she beat me on easy mode. We’ll see how she and everyone alive will play against me in Boss Mode! Then I will prove I have the BRUSHOBi world’s best deck and that I am the BRUSHOBi world’s number one Arts Game versist winner!”