Does God Hate all Card Games?

Does God Hate all Card Games?

Jehovah (God of the Bible and God of Jesus Christ) doesn’t condemn the playing of games and by extension the playing of card games. What Jehovah doesn’t like however is gambling- games of chance for money. And he also doesn’t approve of luck. (Isaiah 65:11)


At we promote BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game because we have reason to believe Jehovah would approve of games not using chance to earn money. (Isaiah 65:11)


As an adult we understand the need to make modest amounts of money within reason. The Bible itself even mentions money is a protection. (Ecclesiastes 7:12.) As you may know BRUSHOBi helps you make money by each artist painting on each of their blank BRUSHOBi cards. Then selling those same cards like art for money. Not gambling.


Jehovah’s way is that we play games and make money, of course, but not to gamble. We agree with Jehovah and hope to promote His values just as we are doing now. Maybe you too can find joy in BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game without gambling. And as a result be rewarded and please Jehovah who invites us to “Taste and see that Jehovah [God] is good.” (Psalm 34:8.)


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