Earn money by painting in card games- gambling not required

Earn money by painting in card games- gambling not required

How? Before we dive any further into the meat of this article, we first have to say we do not believe in gambling. Jehovah (God of the Bible and God of Jesus Christ) hates gambling.(Isaiah 65:11,12) Gambling boils down to games of chance for money. That is essentially what gambling is.


However, BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game (BRUSHOBi) is not for gambling. There are even rules against chance or randomizing or gambling in this card game. In fact, there is no shuffling at all allowed in BRUSHOBi. Impossible! You ask? Aren’t all card games shuffling heavy? Having shuffling as one of its main functions?


Not BRUSHOBi. But we go a little further, players don’t earn money in this game by playing the game- they earn money by painting. Specifically, each player can paint on each blank card in BRUSHOBi then later sell those same cards they painted for money! Or those players don’t have to actually paint their cards at all. Those “players” can actually buy and sell cards from famous artists who paint on the cards.


Both of these groups also never have to play a game of BRUSHOBi a day in their life. As artists or art dealers they can make money by buying and selling or painting and selling. As a result, reformed gamblers can turn into artists or art dealers and still earn money without losing their love of cards. We can’t forget the average fun seeker looking for a fun way to earn money or the hobbyist who loves cards or loves collecting anything or just looking for something fun to do. All groups can potentially earn money with cards without gambling.


We just have to say that how much money you make per card can vary. Much of the money you make can depend on a lot of factors including the fame of the artist, condition of the art and rarity of the card.


Thus, whether you’re an artist, art dealer, reformed gambler, hobbyist or just an average fun seeker, BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game can be a fun way to earn a little money.

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