Express yourself in a card game without violence

Express yourself in a card game without violence

Games without violence? Almost all games made today have some sort of violence in it, right? Well not BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game (A.K.A BRUSHOBi or BRUSHOBi PCG).


In BRUSHOBi we believe expressing yourself could be something we all do. Even Jehovah, (God of the Bible and God of Jesus Christ) doesn’t approve of violence. (Psalm 11:5) Because of this we hope many will express themselves without violence in this card game.


Now, how can anyone possibly express themselves in games- especially in a card game? One of the unique features of BRUSHOBi is that players can essentially become artists when they paint on each BRUSHOBi card. Yes, you heard me- PAINT! Players/artists can paint on their BRUSHOBi cards.


Painting on BRUSHOBi cards- or painting/drawing/doing art in almost any capacity can be used to express oneself as is known in some circles of people. We believe that at times some who find it difficult to avoid violence, all they need is the tools to help them stay away from violence. Thus, we have BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game!


Now, BRUSHOBi is not a cure all for violence, we are just here giving those struggling to overcome a love of violence or violent entertainment or things with options. In BRUSHOBi there is no violence that comes with the game. It’s true in the game cards have to be the strongest or fastest to win when the round is called, but there is no punching, kicking or the like!


Well as you can see, enjoy the BRUSHOBi Painting Card Game and enjoy making Jehovah Gods heart glad when you reject violence and stick to His ways!


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